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Here and There
a poem by Holly Lee

Life does not freeze
it flows, takes up shapes  
movable feasts
settlement brings change
migrants move with them
museums of culture
histories in a jelly mould

In the south of Manila
we find Binondo
the world’s oldest Chinatown
built 400 years ago
in Goa, s.w. coast of India
Sonia Shirsat sings
a soulful
Portuguese fado

In tiny Hong Kong
Queen Victoria 域多利皇后街
the street of my favourite bookstore
Oxford Road 牛津道
where the rich built mansions
and many famous schools once stood
for the first Hong Kong Governor
a street named Pottinger 砵典乍街

In Southampton
England’s port city
there’s also Amoy street 廈門街
Amoy was the Chinese port
where tea was once exported
someone found a Hong Kong Avenue
in Manchester England
connects to the airport’s carpark

Moved from a former colony to another
the day I left, my city was raining
I saw one drifting away, frozen in time
another returning to its stringent mother
buildings grow taller and shinier
streets narrower and busier
velocity and density taking over
I'm a stranger stranded in the looking glass

I never need to go back that city never left me
the old clothes I brought when I departed
now tattered and worn
personal stories I was born with
already embalmed and mummified
we read each other like history books
Life, a constant migration I carry on paper
Conrad carried his, on open waters




Lee Ka-sing
Images for the cover and chapter-divider pages of 也斯 Leung Ping-kwan's book "Cities of Memory, Cities of Fabrication"

"Cities of memory, Cities of Fabrication" 記憶的城市 · 虛構的城市 by 也斯 Leung Ping-kwan. Published by Oxford University Press, 1993. 215mm x 122mm, 264 pages, soft cover.

“Cities of Memory, Cities of Fabrication (fiction), Hong Kong: Oxford University Press. Serialised novel, originally published in Express Daily titled Journey of the Worry Dolls; about Leung Ping Kwan’s odyssey home after years of absence through Paris, San Francisco and New York with small Guatemalan Worry Dolls to give to friends to relieve their worries.” (Quoted from Leung Ping Kwan (1949-2013), a Retrospective, page 237)



"Cities of Memory, Cities of Fabrication", front cover




(Worry Dolls)












(Man Woman)











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