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NIGHT OWL SONATA (in one movement)

written by Holly Lee

To write, from one language to another, is like migration. The journey is long and arduous. I think, reason and seek solutions with the same mind, I clear a path that’s been overgrown with bushes and weeds, to walk to the open sea, I see one dimension, a different language reveals another. These planes overlap each other like musicians playing chamber music together. Language cannot be translated, it’s loaded with culture and experience. A bilingual feels the beauty of both, can truly get close, still failing to align with the soul. I’ve tried to be my own translator, only ending up in writing something new. To write in a second language I nurture my other mind; another immigrant, curious, awkward; always messy I stutter and stumble over words. Now I see flowers, I hear songbirds, someone says 早晨, I see the sun also rises, early, on top of the hour.




Lee Ka-sing
Images and design for 劉霜陽 Lau Kin-wai's book "In and Out of the Frame" 畫框內外, a book about art criticism

"In and Out of the Frame" by Lau Kin-wai. Published by Tin Yuen Publishing 田園書屋, 1992. 209mm x 142mm, 256 pages, soft cover. A book on art criticism, in six sections.


(left) front cover, (right) back cover

The opening spread, title page

section one: "artist and work" 藝術家和作品

section two: "exhibition reviews" 聯展評論

section three: "art and politics" 藝術與政治

section four: "the rethink of art" 藝術反思

section five: "art environment" 藝術環境

section six: "about art criticism" 關於藝評




Issue 0813-2021

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Holly and Ka-sing currently live in Toronto with their daughter Iris, and their cat Sukimoto. Contact with email at - mail@leekasing.com / holly@xpecial.com


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