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NIGHT OWL SONATA (in one movement)

written by Holly Lee

Reflecting on the two ideas of migration, which served two chapters in Ruth Padel’s book We are all from somewhere else: Go and Stay, Go and come back, the notion seems obvious, the first a one-way ticket; the second a round trip; while both intentions are born out of self-will, numerous variants are being intermediate between them, e.g. involuntary, forced, false and even theft migration. For instance googled yellow-lipped sea kraits I got hundreds of pictures, clicked into one I found a blue body, black bands yellow lip plush stuffed animal, huggable, hand-washable. I was thinking how a venomous sea snake of the South Pacific could swim all the way to Amazon, along with trillions new migrants to this neither land nor sea, a new-found galaxy. Intangible yet convertible, data is like vapour in the air, visible as raindrops, crisp as icicles; packed and shipped out from the warehouse portal. Sea krait is now gentle and playful, its body harmless and less sinew, a cuddly 30 inch slender pet pal, it has completed a risk-free migration, of body and soul.



A selection of photographs I created for the cover of NuNaHeDuo (DISLOCATION) from 1992 to 1994
Lee Ka-sing

NuNaHeDuo (DISLOCATION) is a photography publication we published from 1992 to 1999. In the first few years I was the person who took charge of the graphic design mostly, and the photographs published here were originally created for the covers. In those occasions, although not much self expression could be addressed, in an iconic way I used objects as elements to illustrate the theme of each issue. That helped to maintain the visual style and created a strong branding for the publication.


May 1993 issue, "Photo Installation", featured artists: K.H. + Chan Fung-Chun, Warren Leung + Sara Wong.


July 1992 issue, “On Identity”, featured artists: Ellen Pau and Comyn Mo.


December 1992 issue, “Transfer Images”.


July 1992 issue, Featuring two artists: Danny Yung, Peter Suart.


July 1994 issue, “Two Woman-artists”, Jing Ming, Lo Yin Shan.


This image was used in the first opening page, identical position to the cover image.


October 1993 issue, Featuring two artists: Yvonne Lo, Wing Shya.


This image was created for invitation postcard of the exhibition “Dislocation: Original Works Exhibition”, (1993). The card design was identical to the cover design of the DISLOCATION.


January 1994 issue, Featuring two artists: Hisun Wong, Wong Chi Fai.


March 1993 issue, “Insanity”. Featuring two artists: Wang Hai, Josiah Leung.


This image was used in the first opening page, identical position to the cover image. Same image of the cover, with colour transparency film processed in C41.


December 1994 issue. Featuring two artists: Karl Chiu, Dino Paul Ip.


August 1994 issue. “No Trespassing” Featuring member work of AUX YEUX group.


June 1993 issue. Featuring works by two artists working in the cine industry: Yank Wong, Christopher Doyle.


June 1992 issue. “Panorama”, an issue with invited artists taking picture selected from one roll of films with a FUJI Quicksnap Panorama camera.


March 1992 issue, Featuring photography work by three visual artists (painter, installation art..): Chan Yuk Keung, Choi Yan Choi, Wong Shun Kit. I asked the artists to send me an object of each, that I could photograph and use for the cover. I wanted to display them in three single lines like a Chinese numeric character of “three” (三). One of the artists was naughty - I was given two options: 1. Water pouring out from the tap; option 2, a lampshade with lightbulb turning on. My solution was: putting these two options in their original wordings, on the cover they were displayed as the first line of 三. The original transparency of this photograph was lost, I reproduce the cover in print here, a cover of my favourite. Background of the photograph was the floor of our studio..


November 1993 issue, Featuring works by three younger artists: U Hei Shing, Wong Chi Chung, H.S. Terence Yeung. I picked up three very daily life objects, in a backdrop after Magritte.





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