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In response to Ka-Sing's Twenty six recent photographs (May, a sudden surge of sadness. Think of some people distancing away. 五月,忽然傷感。想起一些遠去的人)
a poem by Holly Lee

The sudden surge of sadness renders me speechless my one eye loses focus the other goes blind grasping for air my chest suffocates near death heart goes ping pong ping pong white light black light too much light low light no light some crazy twigs crazy vines some crazy dried lines how you proclaim yourselves in such simplicity in such abstract forms wild inside you’re quiet you’re so calm you’re riotous you’re barely alive you scream with stitched mouth everything in order everything in disarray you stuff me with serenity you stuff me with density you stuff me without a hole to breathe aching me with so much beauty leaving me so much envy bringing out the best and worst of me please please this hanging heart this toothless fish spurting out thousand cuts this fine horse becoming this Charro riding these photographs these books this calculator these houses these walls these shadows this cloudiness this ocean blues these phantom plants this climbing leaving and arriving this susurrus of inconsolable grief this inkling of deaths and threats these infinite black white and gray secretive miseries - this appalling pain masked behind and beyond all measures of beauty.

 Ka-sing's Twenty six recent photographs (May, a sudden surge of sadness. Think of some people distancing away. 五月,忽然傷感。想起一些遠去的人) was published in DOUBLE DOUBLE issue 0521-2021.




Lee Ka-sing
Ten photographs from TIME MACHINE series

The TIME MACHINE series began in 2016. It is an on-going project, currently over 150 pieces have been created. Some of them were finished in mixed media of archival print and acrylic, each mounted on 7x7x1.5 inch hard wood as a piece of unique object. They appear also in the collaboration with Gary Michael Dault, in which the writer created HAIKU in response to some of the TM images. The collaboration can be viewed on this web page:



20180320-1326 (pyramid)


20190218-01975 (flesh)


20190218-02008 (ingredient)


20210420-6587 (performer)


20210420-6592 (off-right)


20210420-6598 (straight)


20210504-6605 (together)


20210504-6628 (boy)


20210504-6616 (curve)


20210504-6623 (rest)



Issue 0604-2021

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Holly and Ka-sing currently live in Toronto with their daughter Iris, and their cat Sukimoto. Contact with email at - mail@leekasing.com / holly@xpecial.com


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