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Holly Lee

To Write A poem When Old Becomes New New Becomes Old

An emoji poem



Launch of NINE YEARS (2010-2018)
A collection of poems by Holly Lee





How long is Nine Years

I think
in terms of time
instead of words

I write to remember
I write
I watch time slumber

I write
what I cannot




Sushi Grass in Paradise (A story)

written by Holly Lee
with photographs by Lee Ka-sing

(17) Ginger's Dream

Ginger's heart was still pounding when she woke from the dream - so real that she thought she was in another dream as she struggled to open her half-closed eyes. After sobering for a while, she took a good hard look to see if it was her bedroom, and tried to move her legs if they could touch the floor. Yes, it was no doubt the reality and the universe she inherited. Not a parallel universe and not another self she entered into.

It was an awful dream. Predictions about our world's future already sounded harrowing, but what she experienced in her dream was far worse. People were living inside an enormous dome, much bigger than the one mentioned in Stephen King's novel, without white clouds and blue sky. It was all smog and grey outside the dome and no horizon could be seen. The place inside was like the city she lived, with buildings, roads, shops and public buses loaded with people. When looked around there were no other cars, except the policing vehicles patrolling the streets. There were no trees, no birds, no animals nor old people. People got their food in specific food shops, and the only food available was meat burger without the bun. Ginger noticed the people on the street were only children, adolescent, matured men and women, they looked cold and their faces no emotion. There were not too many fat persons in sight, for once the authority discovered a person overweight, he or she would be sent to the energy factory, cycling full time to generate electricity.

Ginger had a hard time recognizing her city, which deemed familiar and yet strange. Where were her parents and where was her home? She wandered from one street to another, everything seemed to be in a loop. It was almost dusk when she spotted a huge, windowless concrete building, a group of people was lining up at the entrance. After all the walking she was taken by thirst and hunger and the first instinct was food. She approached a woman with red hair in the line and asked timidly if they were lining up for food.

"Lining up for food? You idiot, where on earth did you come from? We are lining up to be the food! You hardly look like you're forty, so keep off the line and mind your own precious years, miss!"

Ginger was stunned to get an reaction like this, and equally struck by the words lining up to be the food. "What does it mean to be the food? And what has it got to do with being forty."

"Hey Ginger!" While taken a step back from the woman who shouted at her, she heard someone called from across the street. It was her friend Rosemary. They went to the same collegiate high school years ago and were still good friends. Rosemary crossed the street, eyeing her with a straight face. Moment later she said with a resentful voice, "Where have you been and why are you lining up in the Forties? We still have years to go before the great cause."

"What do you mean Rosie? I don't understand. Everything seems like a dream and I'm confused to what I'm doing and where I'm going. What is the Forties? I am getting hungry and was just asking this woman if they're lining up for food…"

"You are indeed very strange! You vanished for a while and no one knows where you've gone. Abducted by the Aliens? Did you have a brainwash? You don't know where to eat?" Rosemary spoke with such harsh tone that frightened Ginger, who remembered her friend as a soft spoken person. As they were walking, Ginger begged Rosemary to tell her the missing parts, assuming that she was indeed abducted by the Aliens, and part of her memories deleted. The Forties, explained Rosemary impatiently, was a sacred cause. When a person reached forty, he or she had to sacrifice their bodies to be manufactured into food, and consumed by younger humans. This was a scheme developed by Big Brain, or Big Data, that humans must adopt if they were to survive and multiply. After the long period of END DAYS there were no other living things, animals, insects nor plants existed except the human species and viruses. Humans had to feed on each other to survive.

Big Brain possessed deep-life algorithm. This selfless act demanded respect to and from, all humanity. It became the law that the image of each sacrificed or used person be archived in collective memory - behind the armored walls and massive cast iron vault doors of the Central Memorial Bank, where families can visit anytime to pay their respects. The plan seemed so reasonable, logical and beneficial to the human race. What most people, including Rosemary, didn't know was the conspiracy to enforce Forty. The authority had been injecting humans with a suppressive agent to eliminate their fear and resistance, so when the time came, they would surrender their bodies accordingly with no will to fight.

"Oh my God!" cried Ginger, "My parents must have gone into the food."

"Let's go to have a burger, I'm hungry." said Rosemary coldly. Her face looked remote and emotionless like a statue carved out of stone.


"Sushi Grass in Paradise" is an on-going story. To read the full length version with previous chapters, please visit- https://oceanpounds.com/blogs/sushi-grass-in-paradise



攝影畫報 PHOTO PICTORIAL (1964-2005)
Photo Pictorial was a traditional Chinese photo magazine published in Hong Kong from 1964 to 2005. Its readership was mainly from Hong Kong, parts of China and Asia. Ka-sing wrote about the last chapter of the publication in 2004, how both he and Holly, working as a team, helped to rebrand the magazine for a year, from contents to designs. The publication ceased publishing in April 2005.


Written by Lee Ka-sing

一. 李家昇黃楚喬照相工作室專欄 (1984至1991)


二. 女那禾多 (1992至1999)

女那禾多是從我每期三頁的專欄發展出來。女那禾多每期十六頁,即印刷上的所謂的「一手紙」。當時麥峰仍是主编,但執行編輯卻由伍小儀負責。我的的建議在91年10月提出,大會很快通過。女那禾多是在92年一月出版。女那禾多也是最廣為人知 - 我們與攝影畫報合作的項目。多年前一份刊物來作過一個很長的訪問,這裡也不再作詳述。

三. 攝影畫報大變身策劃 (2004.1至2005.4)



內容方面,我建議分開幾個層次:國際網絡(黃楚喬撰寫),國際網絡2 (當時我們出版了一份兩至四頁的PDF打印刊物FOTO POST,同意可在畫報原版刊出,他們另譯一個中文文字本補充),攝影人專訪(我們盡量提供聯絡,由伍小儀執筆),中國攝影360(我們提供聯絡或資料,伍小儀執筆。我們或約適當的人供稿),俱樂部專欄:電子本常談 (我們在那幾年間,出版了數十冊以攝影集為中心的電子書,這專欄便以該些材料為內容。化名閲光本部撰寫介紹)。攝影畫報原來的內容,我建議保留李元的專欄,以國內較傳統的基礎,其不失為務實與有著穩重觀點的文字。其他讀者小品等放在大花園。此外,保留器材資訊,介紹,製作,分析等項目,這些內容不會過時,也是維持與廣告商的關係網。





#462. Cover : Diana Thorneycroft: The Martyrdom of St. Agatha, 2002 / Photographer interview: anothermountainman 又一山人 / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: Xing Danwen 邢丹文 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / International 國際網絡: Diana Thorneycroft  (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST -  Snap shots of Polish Photography since 1989. (Holly Lee) / International 3: Photography publications / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: 1. Almond Chu - Body Work, 2. Toni Hafkenscheid - HO (written by 閲光本部)


#463. Cover: Mauricio Alejo: Passenger 617 / Photographer interview: Leung Chi Wo 梁志和 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: 出神入畫-華人當代攝影展 (written by Yao Jui Chung 姚瑞中) / International 國際網絡: Mauricio Alejo (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - Recontre D'Aries 2003. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Nobuyoshi Araki 荒木經惟 (written by 閲光本部) / Exhibition 大花園 > 展覽圖鑑: anothermountainman 「無處不在:紅白藍」


#464. Cover: Robert & Shana Parkeharrison / Photographer interview: Patrick Lee 李志芳 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: 中國攝影:脫離死版的俗套 / International 國際網絡: Robert & Shana Parkeharrison (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - True Colour, On the truly global COLORS magazine. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Hideo Suzuki 鈴木秀夫- 玩具屋裡的家庭危機 (written by 閲光本部)


#465. Cover Edward Burtynsky - Densified Old Filters #1, Hamilton, Ontario 1997 / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: 中國攝影:Wang Qingsong 王慶松 - 反諷時代- 關於攝影作品的自敍 / International 國際網絡: Edward Burtynsky (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬)  / International 2: FOTO POST - Now, Images of Present time - Le mois de la Montreal 2003. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Sally Ayre : Floating Shadows  (written by 閲光本部) / 俱樂部 OP Cafe: Lee Ka-sing 李家昇:尋找攝影裡東方素質的過程


#466. Cover: Holly Lee 黃楚喬, The Great Pageant Show, circa 1997 / Photographer interview: Lau Ching Ping 劉清平 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: 「平凡子民」- 九十年代至今華人觀念攝影展 / International 國際網絡: Hideo Suzuki (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - Connecting with CONTACT. (Jack Liang) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Chan Ying Kit 陳英傑 - Industrial Landscape  (written by 閲光本部)


#467. Cover: P. Elaine Sharpe, World Trade Center Plaza, NYC, May 2002 / Photographer interview: So Hing Keung 蘇慶强 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: Daniel Lee 李小鏡  / International 國際網絡: P. Elaine Sharpe - Unanswered: Witness / International 2: FOTO POST - Cloning and Identity Dreams and Reality  -Three female artists from the East: Miwa Yanagi, Nikki S.Lee, Xing Danwen. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Balint Zsako - Between The Devil and Your Cornea  (written by 閲光本部) / 俱樂部 OP Cafe: Lee Ka-sing 李家昇: 香港「觀念攝影」,淡出淡入


#468. Cover: Sadegh Tirafkan / Photographer interview: Lee Ka-sing 李家昇 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: Between Past and Future - New Photography and Video from China 「過去和未來之間一- 中國新攝影、錄像展」/ International 國際網絡: Sadegh Tirafkan (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST -  China Syndrome - A Speculation on new Chinese Photography. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Balint Zsako - Zsako vs. Photography  (written by 閲光本部) / 俱樂部 OP Cafe: Lee Ka-sing 李家昇: 文字山水食桌靈光,空㬌近景 (梁秉鈞和李家昇,關於詩和攝影的合作過程,食事地域誌及其他)/ Exhibition 大花園 > 展覽圖鑑: 女那禾多復刊攝影展


#469. Cover: Michel Campeau / Photographer interview: Do Do Jin Ming 金旻 (interviewed by 伍小儀) / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: 穿越廢墟與文明, 台灣與加拿大國際交流視覺展(陳介仁,袁廣鳴,姚瑞中, Stan Douglas, Antonia Hirsch, Sylvia G. Borda, Pravin Pillay) / International 國際網絡: Michel Campeau (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST -  2004 CONTACT Photography Festival. (Bob Black) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: Tseng Kwong Chi 曽廣智 Citizen of The World  (written by 閲光本部)


#470. Cover: Abelardo Morell / Chinese Photo 360 中國攝影 360: Hai Bo 海波 / International 國際網絡: Abelardo Morell (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - Water Fever. (Holly Lee) / Photography ebook 寫真電子本常談: David Donald - Historia Naturalis (written by 閲光本部)



#471. International 國際網絡: David Miller (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - Recontre D'Aries de la Photographie 2004. (Holly Lee)


#472. Cover: Asako Narahashi 楢橋朝子 /  International 國際網絡: Asako Narahashi 楢橋朝子 (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - Recontre D'Aries de la Photographie 2004, 2nd part. (Holly Lee)


#473. Toni Hafkenscheid, Tofino, 2000 / International 國際網絡: Toni Hafkenscheid (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬) / International 2: FOTO POST - All That Fashion. (Holly Lee)


#474. International 國際網絡: Gerardo Montiel Klint (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬)


#475. Cover: Albert Chong / International 國際網絡: Albert Chong (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬)


#476. Cover: Laura Letinsky / International 國際網絡: Laura Letinsky (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬)


#477. Cover Michael Awad / International 國際網絡: Michael Awad (written by Holly Lee 黃楚喬)




Stanley Wong (anothermountainman)
Stairway to Heaven (#980730)
8"x10", gelatin silver photograph
(printed in 1998)
OP Edition, with "OP editions" blind-stamp
Edition 19/20, signed, titled, numbered on verso
Featured in the OP EDITIONS catalogue, issue 9803 in 1998

OP editions are limited edition photographs from the OP Print Program we organized since 1995. After we moved to Toronto, the Program was still in operation for the first five years. Over hundreds of artists have been included, with photographs released as small format limited editions, in 8”x10” fibre-based black and white or chromogenic colour photographs. We plan to publish here, a selection from the collection on a weekly basis. Some of the photographs from OP EDITIONS are available at OCEAN POUNDS online shop.




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