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After News

Poem by Holly Lee

To make the most of new-found time
surviving the cocoon
fresh or frozen
a well-to-do list indoors
dinners to remember
breaking away can wait
a little glamping next year
work on conch shell music
life is real contagion
why watch the apocalyptic
a decade ahead of schedule
the future in a tablet
or a luminous
black box
there’s so much more
in your quarantine reading list
more virtual museums
inexhaustible www offerings
infinite twittering
infinite zooming
confining to your own home
thinking physical world
seems ancient  
and nostalgic 

(Inspired by news in the Globe & Mail, March 2020)




"Lee Ka-sing - Thirty-one Photographs"
Exhibition catalogue (1993)
10x10 inch, 84 pages
Published by Photoart
Publication designed by Lilian Tang Design

In 1993, Lee Ka-sing put up an exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre - “Thirty-one Photographs”. Some of these images were produced for commercial purpose, while others were for advertorial or editorial contents, including magazine covers to literary book covers. In the mid eighties, Ka-sing began to work in the way of blurring the lines between assignments and personal work. He worked in such a style, in he described, “with reference from his earlier poetry-writing days”. Using mixed media, sometimes as layered collages, sometimes as an installation, he juxtaposed images, objects, or even texts only to converge towards a final form - through photography. In those analog imaging days Ka-sing worked with agencies and design firms not based on a given layout, but by contributing his visual solutions towards the assignment.

“Thirty-one Photographs” was mounted as an exhibition of his personal work, after the photo images had duly served their original purpose. Majority of the photographs were printed large size, Agfa was the main sponsor of this exhibition.

The exhibition catalogue was published by Ka-sing’s friend Yau Leung, who was the publisher and editor of PHOTOART magazine. At that time, Ka-sing was writing a monthly column for this magazine. Leung Ping-kwan wrote a long essay “Recycling Images in the Cultural Space of Hong kong” for the catalogue, on both the photography work of Ka-sing and Holly, as well as their photo-related activities. Two years later, Yau Leung published this essay in his magazine PHOTOART in the issue 145 (November, 1995). In 2012, Leung Ping-kwan included this essay as one of the ten chapters in his book “Ten Essays on Hong Kong Culture” (Zhejiang University Press, isbn 978-7-308-09591-4).

In “Thirty-one Photographs” Ping-kwan’s essay was published bilingually in Chinese and English. The English translation was by Mary Wong and Ping-kwan. 
Lilian Tang designed the publication, and the exhibition poster as well. In fact, Ka-sing and Holly worked frequently with Lilian with her projects. One work in the exhibition, the “Four Stanzas of a Poem” was originally an assignment for Lilian Tang Design, for a paper company.


City at the End of Time, (1992)
1220mm x 1730mm, c-type photograph

Environment, (1991)
1220mm x 1420mm, c-type photograph

Shells, Fish and Moving Water, (1992)
1830mm x1220mm, c-type photograph

Two Pears, (1989)
1220mm x 1660mm, c-type photograph

On Art Criticism, (1991)
1220mm x 1830mm, c-type photograph

The Square, (1990)
920mm x920mm, c-type photograph

Longing Good Weather for An On-location Hotel Shoot. It Recaptures the Two Recent Typhoon and Some Rainfall Record, (June, 1989)
1220mm x 1770mm, c-type photograph

Four Stanzas of a Poem, (1993)
790mm x 560mm, offset printing on recycle paper, standard 4 cmyk + gold

An Installation on Light Path, (1993)
610mm x 610mm, c-type photograph

Communication, (1991)
1220mm x 1550mm, c-type photograph

Plastic Harvest, (1990)
1380mm x 1220mm, c-type photograph

A Half-face Lady and the Moving Helicopter, (1990)
1220mm x 1460mm, c-type photograph

Journey, (1993)
1220mm x 178mm, c-type photograph




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