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Holly Lee
A collage poem by Holly Lee, compiled from clippings from NYT

Real Estate window shopping
There's no place like the perfect home
Who knew Ontario speaks French?
Why you should choose a hearing device with two microphones
Not long ago. Not far away
The rise of Huawei
A new red scare
This is about real change
and this is our ongoing commitment to our customers
The 'rush' of a poet Laureate
You're healing well. Now let's discuss our fiscal health
What to do with the stuff that's cluttering your home
The real wall isn't at the border
What path takes you to Congress
Free stuff comes at a price
Pretty much my whole house is furnished with Amazon Vine
When you're drowning in beauty product samples
Which city will you explore
Take a DNA test, then buy an airplane ticket
Pittsburgh embraces a father of zombies
Fun and fast
Together at last

(From New York Times, January 27, 2019)




Lee Ka-sing
An essay on Alchemy
These were found pieces of “sumo-e” (ink-wash) in 2018, when I was preparing for an exhibition and needed to stain a number of wood strips to black. The newspapers were put underneath the wood strips, to protect the floor from paints. I used an iPhone for the documentation, and the “originals” were throw into the trash tank right after those shots were made.





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A Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing online magazine. Published on Fridays.
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Holly and Ka-sing currently live in Toronto with their daughter Iris, and their cat Sukimoto.


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