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Night Owl Sonata (in one movement)

written by Holly Lee

My recent memory of many retired memories are in the form of untouchable papers, in P-P-P: reborn pixels of Polaroids, Postcards and Photographs, reading them on computer screens, in open skies, no beginning, no end, non-linear, as if by chance we pick up a fragment of an afternoon - poetry-reading at Yesi’ home, his mother served us cold beers and peanuts, and later that day, she made us beef bourguignon, a simple beef stew raised to an art form by Julia Child, who also invented the shark repellent to ward off curious sharks from underwater explosives in the war years; hence marked her first attempt into the world of cooking. My taste memory tells me that Yesi’s mother was a good cook, and in linking up this story I am beginning to think she must have poured herself a glass of red wine while preparing the meal, and as recommended by Julia, it was a good quality burgundy, probably from the same bottle of Pinot Noir she used to cook the stew.



from the archive of Lee Ka-sing and Holly Lee

(P-P-P, a picture novel)
An open story constructed with Polaroids, Postcards or Photographs on our archive. The stories can begin in a non-linear way, any YEAR, PLACE or PEOPLE, there is no absolute way, just tread along.


This column was initiated between 2013 and 2014, and came to a stop somehow. Recently we pick it up again and continue to upload additional contents. Please visit the link below, where materials from our archive will be updated regularly.



(PHOTOGRAPH)  Ka-sing, Holly and Tomio Nitto 日塔富夫 (TOMIO NITTO solo exhibition at INDEXG, 2006).

(POSTCARD) Hosoe Eikoh 細江英公 at Hong Kong international Photo Festival, 2018.

(POSTCARD) Canadian Photo Guide promotional card. Image from Still-life: stilled lives, an exhibition by Diana Thorneycroft, 2002 (at Lee Ka-sing Gallery).

(PHOTOGRAPH) Holly, Diana Thorneycroft, Ka-sing, 2002.

(POLAROID) Chang Chao-tang 張照堂,Antonio Mak 麥顯揚 by Ka-sing, Taipei 1985.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Holly and Ka-sing, photographed by David Clarke, New York City 2004.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Iris Lee 李思菱 in the subway, by Ka-sing, 1986.

(POLAROID) Lee Ka-sing by Holly Lee, 2003.

(POLAROID) Chihong Yang 楊熾宏 by Holly Lee, 1990 NYC.

(POSTCARD) Katherine Knight at Lee Ka-sing gallery, 2002 (Stone and Water).

(PHOTOGRAPH) A silver photograph by Leung Ping-kwan 梁秉鈞 (yesi 也斯), with his hand writing, 1997(OP Print Program).

(PHOTOGRAPH) Ti Lung 狄龍,Chow Yuen Fat 周潤發,Leslie Cheung 張國榮,Holly was photographing in her studio the poster of the movie "A Better Tomorrow 英雄本色", 1986. 

(POSTCARD) Kardworks, an exhibition of original postcards by Ka-sing and Holly. PHOTO CENTER, 1986 (Kardworks typeface designed by Li Kam-fai 李錦煇).

(POLAROID) Friends at Leung Ping-kwan (Yesi)'s home. 梁秉鈞,馬若,關夢南,葉輝,小克,駱笑平, by Ka-sing, 1986.

(POSTCARD) Rong Rong 榮榮 and inri, invitation card for Chinese Contemporary Photography at Vienna, 2001.

(POSTCARD) Shinzo Shimao 島尾伸三, Ushioda Tokuko 潮田登久子, Shimao Maho, New Year's greeting card sent from Tokyo, 2012.

(POSTCARD) Maggie Cheung 張曼玉. Christopher Doyle's photo exhibition at Ka-sing's gallery, 2009.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Lee Ka-sing 1959, Guangzhou.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Lee Ka-sing 1959, Guangzhou.

(POSTCARD) PHOTO CENTER (announcing moving to Wanchai) 1984.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Ka-sing and Holly at METRO PICTURES. Photographed by Josiah Leung at Cindy Sherman's photo exhibition, NYC 1990.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Komari 小真理 and Araki nobuyoshi 荒木經惟, by Ka-sing in Tokyo, 2002.

(PHOTOGRAPH) Leong Ka Tai 梁家泰 at 陳泗記, by Ka-sing, 1984.

(POSTCARD) Edward Yang 楊德昌 by Law Wai-ming 羅維明, 1992.

(POSTCARD) Evening in Hong Kong. Li Kam-fai sent from Dalian, 1982.



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Holly and Ka-sing currently live in Toronto with their daughter Iris, and their cat Sukimoto. Contact with email at - mail@leekasing.com / holly@xpecial.com


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