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Lee Ka-sing - selected photographs from the series "50 Gladstone Avenue 吉石大道50號, a macro and micro documentary in present tense"

December, 11, 2018 (flower talk)

January 8, 2019 (profile)

January 8, 2019 (antena)

January 8, 2019 (Ilian & Odyssey)

January 8, 2019 (clock)

January 11, 2019 (heart-shaped dish)

January 8, 2019 (Cyanotype)



Holly Lee -月如鉤 Moon As (Fish) Hook (2018)
from PictureWords series

An installation image from Holly’s solo exhibition
"BOTH SIDES NOW”, January 13 - February 10, 2018 at GALLERY 50


Can we build a carousel of vocabulary in images for the written words? With this thinking I started the project PictureWords in 2014, which began a visual exploration into the Chinese writing system. Fundamentally, Chinese characters were created using a combination of phonetic, ideographic and logographic elements. Over thousands of years these characters have evolved into more sophisticated and complex forms, while their primeval forms recede in time.

As images, here's my recent rendition of Lee Yu's (李煜 937-978 AD) Happy Together《相見歡》. I took the second verse The moon is like a hook and created this series of three pictures.

PictureWords prints are archival pigment prints, 17x22 inch and in the edition of five.




Written by Holly Lee






Eyüb and the Golden Horn
Albums published in anaglyphs (20th Century. Les Editions, France)

During our visit to Turkey in October 2018, we went four times to Kadıköy, a rising district on the Asian side of Istanbul. We went there for Çiya Sofrası, a restaurant famous for its Anatolian cuisine. Çiya is located in bustling Kadıköy Market on Güneşli Bahçe Street. It features a fish market and numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants. An old books store is opposite one of the three Çiya Sofrası, where we tasted our first amazing dinner, and subsequently went back for the other two. This album of stereoscopic pictures of Istanbul was found in that bookstore.

大家看花  (1996) by Lee Ka-sing
An image which was specially created for the poster of an event - NEW IMAGES FROM HONG KONG, an exhibition featuring works of eight photographers (Karl Chiu 趙嘉榮, Almond Chu 朱德華, Alfred Ko 高志强, Holly Lee 黃楚喬, Lee Ka-sing 李家昇, Patrick Lee 李志芳, Yvonne Lo 廬婉雯, Ducky Tse 謝至德 ), held from May 31 to July 14, 1996, Tower Gallery, Yokohama. Curated by Ilzawa Kotaro.




The image for NEW IMAGES FROM HONG KONG poster was produced similarly to the way of printmaking. I provided the client with two pieces of master image in black and white, with instruction that, one to be printed in spot colour “red”, the other “blue”. There were registration markings. The key image of both plates were almost identical, only different in some small elements. A certain part of these two images were slightly off-registered intentionally giving an effect, a bit like the low end 3D image in the old days. Showing here, on the left is the earlier version, the image on the right has been revised and comes very close to the final. In the nineties, I used photocopying machine very often for my imaging works. Multi-layer images were achieved by putting the same piece of paper passing through the machine a couple of times. I was using an A3 size Minota mono colour photocopying machine, which I could switch cartridge for spot colours.

These two vintage electrostatic prints are measured 11.75"x16.5" each, printed on plain paper, overlapped with two spot colours (red, blue). Originally for proofing purpose, they serve also as a reference for the mass-produced offset printing process.



Computer books are publications that become obsolete the fastest. Once there is a new operating system, the older books become outdated and end up in the recycle bin. Our friend Gary Michael Dault always shows us, and feels proud of, his many note books. Over ten years ago, he had an exhibition at our gallery of his work in a series titled “One minute landscapes painted on cereal boxes”. He is one of those artists who can paint on almost any kind of recycled materials, from wood to paper, and turn them into pieces of art. Back in 2003, while we were cleaning up our book shelves, we gave him an outdated but almost brand-new computer system manual. We were joking about giving this new piece of trash a new life, suggesting him to use it as a canvas for his note book alike. After a few months, he finished one third of the pages. The book was turned into a piece of sculptural object. We showed this half-finished piece at the gallery. This picture was taken in that occasion.



Kai Chan, Spring Awakening, 2014
8.5"x8.5", photo paper, silk thread, wire




其一 : 雙雙

DOUBLE DOUBLE 的前身幾乎是一份詩刊。事於2017年近冬在Gary 和 Malgo 於 Nepanee 的家裡,閒聊之餘家昇忽然興起一個詩刊的意念。大家當時都興高釆烈,憧憬如何努力孕育出這個新生命。後來由於各人生活變化,刊物出版成了絕響。下面是當時預想之詩刊物, 我寫在網頁的引語:



天鵝居一個和煦的早上,貓兒柯蘭度和格曹懶洋洋地趟在鋼琴廳的地氈上,閉上眼睛享受我們的談話。站在大牆書架角落的家昇忽然抖出一個想法。瑪高從廚房搬出 Dream on 茶,問我們要不要吃炒蛋。我們説快坐下來好好談談那個大家興奮,剛剛生長出來的的詩刊意念。這是一個中英包容的詩刊物。格利的腦袋已經開始急不及侍地搜集他要約稿的詩人名字。家昇說詩刋旣由我們這四個人開始,就管叫她double double 罷。回到家裡,想到她的中文名字也可以起作「雙雙」。來罷雙雙,好好地飛翔。( 2017.11.29) 」

天鵝居, Gary 和 Malgo 在 Nepanee 的家



既然楚喬寫了DOUBLE DOUBLE的前身,在此也不妨對它的原點作一些補充。doubledouble.org 原是我在2000年初登記的一個網域名,使用於與其他藝術家的合作計劃,雖然當時還未有怎麼具體的運作模式。 Double Double是加拿大人在坊間使用咖啡店的慣用語,意謂請給放兩份糖及兩份乳酪。2006年9月,我用「DOUBLE DOUBLE 雙對論」為名稱出版了一份刊物,每期左右二頁(如下圖所示),各頁12”x18”,利用坊間冲洗店及印於c-type照相紙。可以極少量印數,也適合作展覽用途。第一期,左頁是我的照片,右頁我邀約了劉清平。該照片先前曾在多倫多畫廊展出過。第二期,左頁是我的照片,右頁發刊了也斯的詩「吉石大道五十號」,也因為這個出版,我邀請了羅輝把該詩譯成英文,刊用時以中英文間行出現。後來也斯出版他的詩集外文本,便沿用了羅輝是個英譯。「DOUBLE DOUBLE 雙對論」只是出版過兩期,屬試驗性質,並無作外面宣傳或流通。笫一期只印了兩份,一份送了給清平,我手上的是孤本。第二期只印了一份,由於黑白照片印出來略偏色。覺得這種印製方式不大可行,也是這個原因,計劃擱住了。有一回也斯來多倫多探我,該份第二期便送了他。由於已事隔多年,刊物的檔案一時未能翻出,他日假若檔案仍在,把這兩期一併做些複刻本也是有意義。過去我和楚喬也想過一同合作一些作品,屬實驗性質,以DOUBLE DOUBLE面目出刊,但都沒有成事。前年去探訪格利與瑪高,楚喬在上面提到出版詩刊之事,當時主要是想協助格利成為編輯人,我們投以中文方面的協助。後來他因為生活的轉變,計劃經過了一年還沒有起步。我們單方面要出版一份詩刊,畢竟還是昨天和遙遠的事情。上面提到原來與藝術家合作的計劃,倒還是有可能,如今私下已有很好的打印設備,解決了一些從前的難題。待DOUBLE DOUBLE的網上雜誌上了軌道,我們再探討與其他藝術家合作的可能。

A publication printed on chromogenic photographic paper, 12”x18”
First issue, September 2006

left: work by Lee Ka-sing, “North America Tour Group Watches Hong Kong On A Motorla Cell Phone Screen At Pacific Mall” (北美旅行團萬錦市太古廣場在摩托羅拉手機屏幕上看香港)
right: work by Lau Ching Ping, “Thin As Air” (薄如空氣)

也還可以順便一記,我在「DOUBLE DOUBLE 雙對論」兩期所發表的照片,都同是出自「東西」系列,2006年與也斯一同在法國展覽的一組作品。



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