The Air is like a Butterfly. Poems, 2018-2020 (ebook)

The Air is like a Butterfly. Poems, 2018-2020 (ebook)

Holly Lee
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The Air is like a Butterfly
(Poems, 2018-2020)
by Holly Lee

108 pages
Published by OCEAN POUNDS
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About the Book
“The Air is like a Butterfly” is Holly Lee’s second book of poetry, a compilation of 49 poems written between 2018 to 2020.

Holly lives and works in Toronto since 1997; the year she left Hong Kong - her city of birth, and the same year the city was returned to China, ending its 155 years of British colonial history. Primarily noted as a photo-based artist, her first poetry book Nine Years 九年 (poems 2010-2018) was published in 2020.

The book is also embellished with Lee Ka-Sing's visuals: "wood series" - a suite of twenty-one black and white photographs.