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Z FICTION series

Z FICTION is a series of photo-based works Lee began in 2008. They are fictional and narrative, and each one is an individual self-contained piece.

To date, around 70 works in this series have been made. He issues limited editions in format 16x20 inches, in 10 editions. Price begins with US$1,800 each and might be different according to availability of editions left.

For most works in this series, he issues an open-edition in 8”x10” format, signed. Please enquire at mail@leekasing.com

All prints are Archival Pigment Print, 8”x10” printed on 260 g/m Velvet Fine Art Paper, 16”x20” printed on 315 g/m UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper.

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TIME MACHINE series was started in 2017, a collection of black and white photographs with objects all set against a black background. Lee collaborates with Gary Michael Dault, sending him selective images from the TM series, and Dault, in response will write a three-line Haiku for each. In 2019, Lee began to offer prints on this collaboration. They are 8x10 inches, open edition BIBLIOTHEKA Prints (with BIBLIOTHEKA blind-stamp, and signed by Lee), at US$300 each. If you are interested in any TM images not featured on this online shop, you are welcome to contact us.

Lee issues limited edition (which includes no texts) for the work in the TIME MACHINE series - 13x15 inches (image size 10x10 inches) in edition of 10, signed and numbered on verso. For some images, he also develops the work into a more sculptural format - as a piece of object. Each work is unique, with the photograph mounted on a piece of all black-tinted spruce wood, in the size of 6.75x6.75x1.5 inches.

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Lee Ka-sing began his diptych project in 2014. Over the years, more than a thousand diptychs were created. He describes the project as spontaneously as brush strokes on the pages of a sketchbook, or, a poem written daily. These are juxtapositions of volumes of photographs from his current and previous work. In 2019, based on selection from this body of work, he begins to issue Archive Prints as part of his BIBLIOTHEKA series, in open edition and individual BIBLIOTHEKA prints. Besides, the diptychs also serve as parts of stanzas, or lines, of book-length poems in artist-book format. His first BIBLIOTHEKA artist-book HONG KONG TWO VISITS, was created in 2018.